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Safety and Security

The facts show that construction is indeed a dangerous industry, so safety and health are as much of a part of effective project planning and control as are costs schedules, procurements and quality. Indeed, they are all closely interrelated.

Safety and health are of concern to today’s organizations on several levels. These include humanitarian concern, economic costs and benefit, legal and regulatory constraints, liability consequences, and organizational image. All are important, though changes in constraints and attitudes both within and imposed from outside the industry cause some factors to receive more emphasis than others.


Safety hazards are those that pose imminent danger of causing injury or death to workers or damage to materials, equipment or structures. They result not only from obvious physical dangers, but also from human factors such as lack of training, poor supervision, attitudes, poor planning, or even from workers who are so familiar with the work that they become oblivious to it. We are keen to carry out our work in smart and innovative ways, and we aspire for more uniqueness, success and permanent creativity in the world of real estate development wherever we are, to keep pace with those visions and aspirations that lead the future of our country.


Each employer shall furnish to each of his employees’ employment and a place of employment which are free form recognized hazard that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees;

Shall comply with occupational safety and health standards promulgated under this Act.

Each employee shall comply with occupational safety and health standards and all rules, regulations, and orders issued pursuant to this Act which are applicable to his own action and conduct.

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