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Quality Control

In Dar Dubai Building Contracting, Planning and controlling standards for quality are fundamental in the construction phases of project procurement, and value engineering, deserves its own amplification.

Quality assurance involves economic studies to select the types of materials and method to be included in design, making certain that the design is in accordance with all applicable building codes and other regulations, and controlling the construction on the project to be sure that the work is performed according to the standards specified in the contract documents. Methodology here ranges form computerized documents of accepted governmental, technical, and professional criteria for design, to sampling and testing concrete, earthwork, welding, bolting and structural dimensions in the field.

Quality control


This process includes (1) settling specific standards for construction performance, usually through plans and specifications; (2) measuring variances from the standards; (3) taking action to correct or minimize adverse variances; and (4) planning for improvements in the standards themselves and in conformance with the standards. In other words, once the architects and engineers have set the criteria for construction, quality control ensures that the physical work conforms to those standards.

Quality assurance

Although its definition is not well standardized, quality assurance is generally a broader, more nearly all encompassing term for the application of standards procedures to ensure that a product or a facility meets or exceeds desired performance criteria. It also usually includes the documentation necessary to verify that all steps in the procedures have been satisfactorily completed. The term transcends both quality engineering and quality control, where in the first phase it includes the design of a product whose quality is economical in terms of its end use, and in the second it includes the development and application of procedures which will, at economical levels, assure attainment of the designed quality.

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