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About us

DDC has continuously been oriented to quality control and assurance of quality has been DDC principal concern. Therefore, hiring well experienced Engineers and Site Superintendents was indeed the company’s main priority.

Enforcing safety procedures has constantly been stipulated in all project management job descriptions. First aid and firefighting equipment have been supplied to all sites during mobilization periods. Safety barriers, clothing (helmets, shoes, etc.), belts, and harnesses have been included in the safety schedule of all Projects.

Cost control of projects has always been a compulsive with the aid of the EVC Earned Value Concept analysis.


Dar Dubai Building Contracting L.L.C

A combination of architecture and design beauty

DDC is more than just an expert construction firm; we manage and carry out the whole turnkey solution chain, setting the highest benchmark in the industry from conception to completion.
Plan, organize, and control are the three fundamental construction management theories that DDC has adhered to over the years. DDC has thus been able to provide the market with top-notch work that has gained recognition and a solid reputation. This can be inferred from the fact that every project DDC has undertaken has been planned and managed by well regarded Consulting firms in the area.

Our vision

From the feasibility research stage to facility management of the completed project, we will offer our clients a smooth turnkey solution. By utilizing the most recent technology and qualified teams that can provide a full solution for any project, we incorporate fantasies into reality. In order to attain the wellbeing of our clients, this must be activated in accordance with the most recent technical developments.

Our mission

To provide a range of services and cutting-edge technologies pertaining to the building sector for (Government – Individuals). to offer sound guidance on how to hasten government funding for real estate initiatives. to offer our clients smooth turnkey experiences using the best possible solution system.

Our values

  • Staff skills are improved to assure top-notch expertise.
  • We use state-of-the-art construction technology and continuously improve them to maximize efficiency in every project. Our clients benefit from stunning structures that are timely and cost-effectively constructed.
  • The strong culture of cleanliness and the well-organized workflow at our sites are a pleasant surprise to visitors. One element of the high standards we seek throughout the construction process is this discipline.
  • We continually improve our competitive, economical construction methods.
  • Form and function are equally taken into account and linked in a way that enhances the experience of being in the spaces we design. In essence, we put high quality value first and guarantee an enhanced level regardless of budget or scale by being purposefully choosy about every component of a project, from people to process to technology.
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