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Dar dubai group

About the Founder

The numbers speak for themselves.

The Chairman and CEO, Dr. Ahmed Abuegaila, has constructed over 120 buildings in Dubai and Egypt with investments totalling over 330 million dollars.

In order to maximize the role of benefiting from the size of Trade exchange, Abuegaila was not satisfied with the establishment of real estate companies. He started his projects for the establishment of Dar Dubai Contracting LLC, and the opening of a branch of the company for development investments and trade in the Arab Republic of Egypt represented by Dar Dubai International Group. Furthermore, Dr Ahmed Abuegaila expanded his business by founding a general trading company called Dar Al Ahram General Trading LLC (DAT). Dar Al Ahram General Trading mission is to provide high quality of food products at a competitive price. In addition, DAT has expanded its trading by introducing building materials to its trading chain. 

About The Founder
Dr. Abuegaila stressed that nothing is impossible in the United Arab Emirates because there are people who want things and people who do not want them, and the word impossible is a word used by the loser to justify not getting what they want. Throughout his career, Dr. Abuegaila helped the Ministry of Works implement urban and residential projects by storming the real estate market and seizing the opportunity to further expand his entry into the markets of Abu Dhabi and Salalah in the Sultanate of Oman.

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